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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rosie's Recital Review

Rosie is 12 years old and will participate in her 10th recital in a few weeks. She got her costume today and it prompted me to look back at all her past recital photos. A walk, no...a dance down memory lane...
Rosie was the cutest duckling ever at barely 3 years old! She was in Baby Ballet that year. Have you ever seen anything so cute? 
At 4, she had a fluffy fuschia tutu. So adorable!

At 5 years old, she was a little Hula dancer. I call this shirt the "Chiquita Banana" costume.
6 years old and she was a tap dancer to "We are Siamese" from Lady and the Tramp.
7 years old and starting to look grown up! This was a theater dance number. 
Rosie's first year of hip-hop at 8 years old. This is one of her favorite moves: the Baby Freeze.
She was even better at the Baby Freeze the next year, at 9 years old, in Hip Hop again.
At 10, she took 2 classes: Irish Step Dancing and Hip Hop. The Irish was so pretty to watch and we were surprised at what a workout it gave!
11 years old and getting very good at Hip Hop. She's been with the same teacher for years and really enjoys it!
This year's costume is very glitzy and Rosie loves the gold lame. This one will look good under the stage lights!

Wow, it's amazing to see my girl grow up in these photos! It's funny that she got her costume at dance class today, just after we went to have professional photos taken. I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures! I have been doing some yard work, planning Andy's birthday party, and the kids have tons of end-of-school activities, so I haven't done much sewing. As always, I have lots of ideas, so back soon!

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