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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Little 50s Suit...So Adorable!

I finished the 50s shorts yesterday. The pattern was terrific. Everything went together easily and I love the way they are constructed. After I finished, we took Andy outside to take some pictures. He loves wearing his dressy shoes and loves to "tap" around the house in them. I'm really happy with this whole outfit. It fits perfectly and just looks so cute! I think he will wear it for Mother's Day tomorrow.

Here's a view from the back. There is elastic in the back waist, which makes the fit very nice. We are really good at cultivating dandelions! Andy liked picking them and blowing the fluff from them. I was experimenting with some of the photos and did this black and white version with a colored dandelion. I may share more views tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day!


Leslie said...

This is so sweet - I love the smocked top too! Happy Mothers day!

Jan said...

Andy is very handsome in his new outfit.

Janice said...

Just sweet and charming! I love everything about this post--pictures, description, the smocking, the color combination, the sturdy little toddler legs.....Ahhh, lucky you to have this little guy. And lucky Andy to have such an adoring, creative Mama.