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Monday, May 21, 2012

Preemie Daygown Pattern Test for the Pattern Outlet

I had a fun project this weekend. The Pattern Outlet offered customers the chance to be a part of their Summer Design Team and make a sample of a pattern in exchange for getting the pattern free. I love a bargain AND I enjoy a challenge, so I thought this would be fun and it was!! I chose 5 possible patterns, with an eye to what would be easy to complete in time. The Pattern Outlet sent me Gingersnaps Preemie Daygowns Pattern.
This pattern has kimono sleeves and offers several cute variations. I thought about doing an heirloom gown, but then I found some yellow and red gingham in my closet and thought it would be very summery. I would like to try the sacque version sometime, but in the summer frame of mind, I decided to make the bias-bound version with machine embroidery. This pattern went together beautifully. I added the optional tucks at the shoulders to make a better fit. It was very easy and turned out cute. The embroidery is from Attic Treasures, "Bugs & Blooms". I got it during their $1 hunt recently.
I reduced these designs by about 50% in Embird, yet they still stitched perfectly. I love Attic Treasures designs! The ladybugs are cute with the red gingham.
Sizing always seems to be an issue with newborn patterns and unfortunately, this pattern was no exception. Even having my fifth baby, I forgot how tiny a newborn really is! My babies were all around 8 1/2 pounds, yet the clothes that truly fit for the first 3 weeks were all preemie sized (supposedly for 5 pound babies). This pattern comes in 4 sizes, for 1-2lb, 2-3lb, 3-4lb, and 5-6lb newborns. I made the 5-6lb size, figuring it would be perfect for a full-term newborn, though it is geared towards a preemie. Here is a comparison with a "truly newborn sized" daygown I made that fit all of my 8 1/2lb babies perfectly.

This daygown is a 3 month size, based on my experience. I would like to make the 3-4lb size, which I am guessing would really be a newborn size. I love this pattern and would highly recommend it, but do be aware of the sizing issues. Check out The Pattern Outlet, which has nice heirloom patterns for less than retail price, plus free shipping over $35. I enjoyed being a part of their summer design team and hope I can design for them again!


Janice said...

Your little yellow gown is precious. I really appreciate your sizing comments, as I would have expected these to be very tiny. We expected our first grandchild to be tiny like her mama, so I made a preemie smocked daygown for her coming home outfit. She weighed in at exactly 10 lbs. and the daygown fit her perfectly for more than a month! I guess other preemie patterns run large, too.

suziwong said...

Such a sweet daygown...I love your newborn sized daygown and have been looking for a truly newborn pattern for a long time so that i could make some 'in-hospital' garments for when/if my daughter's have babies (working on a grandmother's hope chest).

Could you please share which pattern you used for the newborn daygown?