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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here Comes the Bride...

When I bought the Baby Bassinet Artwork Pattern, it came in a bundle with this wedding sampler. It is a pattern, diagram, and linen fabric with the stamped design. 
 This is the diagram showing the colors and stitches.
Here is the linen. It is very wrinkled, but I haven't washed or ironed it. Do you think the stamped design would come out if I washed it or ironed it? I don't really think this is something I would finish, so I may re-sell it. I do like the artwork and I love that it's from June, 1937, because one of my favorite relatives was born that month!!
We lost power for about 30 hours on Sunday & Monday due to Hurricane Irene. We are so grateful that it came back quickly and that the weather was so co-operative for repairs. I hope all of you fared well! This week my kids go back to school, so it will be a busy one!

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