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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This One's for You, Mizlilly!

 These little knickers are so cute! I bought them for $4 and they are in great condition. The fabric is a lightweight wool; soft to me, though Davy said it was itchy! He was a reluctant model at first, but he got into it and looked like Mr. GQ in the pictures. I am posting these for my friend Mizlilly. She's working on a project to make outfits for 2 little boys to have their pictures taken with a 1939 car. I know whatever she comes up with will be fabulous! Here's a little knicker inspiration, Mizlilly!

 These have buttons at the waist in front and back. I assume they are supposed to have suspenders. They also have button cuffs at the bottom. They have a nice, tailored shape. They really need some knee socks and lace up shoes to go with them! I imagine my Dad might have worn something like this when he was little; or perhaps my Grandfathers?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, these are wonderful. I think those buttons are for suspenders too! They look like wonderful quality... nice stitching! What a great find! Maybe your little guy would like them better with lining? Thanks so much!