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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1940 Button-on Cover-Alls

This adorable pattern is from 1940. When I find a treasure like this, I invariably think about what was going on at that time. The US was on the brink of World War II. My Dad was a baby. The first McDonald's restaurant opened that year. And some Mom or Grandma bought this pattern to stitch a  cover-all for her little boy or girl. Do you ever wonder the stories behind your vintage items??

This is one of three patterns I bought while fossicking through antique stores and thrift shops with my girls in July. We were vacationing with my parents at the beach and we took an afternoon to do a little shopping. This was an antique store I had never been to before and she had some really nice vintage baby, kitchen, and sewing items. There were three beautiful wicker baby baskets/bassinets on stands. They were very tempting to me as quilt holders, but I resisted the temptation. I asked her if she had any sewing patterns and she said, "only very old ones, nothing contemporary." HA! You don't know what old is, I thought. The older the better!! Turns out hers were from the 1940s which is vintage, but not OLD to me!! Clearly, this lady had no idea who she was speaking to. "Contemporary" - nay nay!

I am on vacation AGAIN. Hubby and I are at a family-themed park with the kiddos. The weather here is gorgeous! I'm going to schedule this to post while I am gone- if I can!! See you soon.

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