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Friday, September 2, 2011

September Means Back to School

In our part of the country, school starts just before labor day. I know that's later than much of the heirloom sewing world. This year, Pete is in 10th grade at the High School, Katie is in 8th at the Middle School, Rosie is in 6th at the Upper Elementary, Davy is in 1st at the Lower Elementary, and Andy is home with Mommy. You can imagine that I spend much of my day driving to and fro for carpool. We are very blessed to have wonderful schools with amazing teachers! Rosie and Davy have "re-run" teachers that we love! I was surprised when Davy said he would like me to ME a t-shirt for his first day of school. Do you remember the photo school bus shirt I made for his first day of kindergarten?
This year I chose a "1st Grade Rocks" design from Embroidery Boutique. It stitched beautifully, though it took a little while because I made the 6x10 size with 23,000 stitches.

Davy's teacher sent me an email that he had a great day and she loved his shirt!

I'm hoping to spend at least some of this long weekend sewing and I have something really interesting to show you in my next post!


Janice said...

Once again, I am following your lead. I purchased 2nd and 3rd Grade Rock designs for Robert and Laurel, then modified one to say Montessori Rocks for my 2-1.2 year old grandson. I always get so much inspiration from your blog. Thanks, Lisa!

Elisabeth Rose said...

I'm glad you liked it, Janice. I look forward to seeing your versions on your blog, which will no doubt inspire me to some other creation!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure his teacher would love to have a t-shirt with the "1st Grade Rocks!" on it :-)