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Sunday, September 4, 2011

CSI: Sewing

Enhanced by my CSI like photo-editing capabilities!
 During Hurricane Irene last weekend, we lost power for a day and a half. To satisfy my sewing craving, I traced a pattern for a vintage romper that I want to make Andy for the fall. While tracing the lower back, I noticed a strange tan mark that looked like....yes....a baby's hand print!
Here's a picture of Andy's little hand next to the print on the pattern; they are about the same size! I imagine that a Mother in 1919 was making this pattern for her little boy and he put his hand on the piece. After nearly 100 years, the oils from his hand darkened into this amazing print. I love this pattern even more knowing that it has this little bit of history on it. Here's the pattern I'm making:

I found a soft-as-flannel houndstooth brown and tan cotton and I have brown velveteen for the trim. I will make the long sleeve version and try to find some wooly knee socks to go with it. 

I hope you enjoyed this episode of CSI: Sewing!


Ellie Inspired said...

That is so cool! The fabric you have chosen sounds lovely too! Is this the matching romper you were telling me about?

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Laura,
Yes, it is the same fabric- if I can get more of it. It's really soft and very boyish. I cut out the romper yesterday, so hopefully I can do some sewing this weekend!