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Monday, August 1, 2016

Let's Talk Testing (and more sneak peeks)

I have spent the past several days stitching tests of the new designs I have digitized. I have 7 designs that will release this week- all come with 2 sizes for the 4x4 and 5x7 hoops!
Sneaky peeky!!

I stitch each design over and over until it is perfect.
Elly had a broken arm that needed fixing.
Doggy's striped ear wasn't right.
A new version of doggy is stitching now...
Ducky stitched perfectly on the first try!! I love this design!

So what do I check in tests? Are all the stitches of the right type? Redwork, traveling stitch, or fill? Are there any jumps that could be eliminated? Does anything lose its definition in the 4x4 size? Does everything line up properly?

Why don't I have other people test? Well, I have done that in the past, but I did not get very good results. I need photos that have a white background and are straight-on. I have only ever had one tester who took photos I could use. Also, I send the free designs and never hear from people again! That's frustrating.

What else is going on in my week? Lots of things, but this happened:

Darling daughter #2 got her license and 6 days later she hit another car. Thank goodness no one was hurt except the 2 cars: the other one was brand new. Ugg.

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