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Monday, August 29, 2016

Fabulous Floor!

This week was super busy. I started a new part-time job and we had a new wood floor installed in our kitchen, breakfast area, hallway, and entry.

BEFORE:  The floor was an inexpensive vinyl from 14 years ago when we built the house. It had lost its shine and was scratched, dented, and grubby. The area by my desk had peeled and kept getting worse.

AFTER: The wood looks so warm and inviting. The whole kitchen looks more elegant to me. 

Here is the new floor in the kitchen table area. It is so shiny and smooth. Andy went "skating" in his socks. I really didn't want to bring the table back- it looks so nice and empty!

I have done a little sewing since everything got put back together. It is also "back to school" here this week! Never a dull moment!

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Lois said...

LOVE the new floor!!!