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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Reunion Kitchen Towels

My Mom is amazing. She is super busy working full-time, doing things with her grands, helping me out, traveling, and getting together with friends. In a couple of weeks, she will be hosting 7 college friends for a mini-reunion at her beach house. She is making beach themed goodie bags for each "gal."

I offered to embroider some of our favorite thick & thirsty Williams-Sonoma kitchen towels. My Mom wanted a lighthouse design and I added the words.

I chose several color combinations. 
They stitched fairly quickly- maybe 15 minutes per towel.
Which color combination do you like best? I ended up liking the first one I did the best (the first single photo). Isn't that always the way?
There is an eighth towel, but the words stitched poorly. I am going to fix it by stitching a narrow band of beach pebble fabric over the mistake. That one will be my Mom's. 
It seems I am on a "multiples" roll. The next project I will share, I made 12 of! Can you guess what it is?


ShirleyC said...

How sweet! I think I love the green one the best. I love those one color designs too!

Elisabeth Rose said...

The best part is how quick they are to stitch, right?