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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tiny Bishop Gowns

I received some ready-to-smock and assemble Wee Care gowns from my facebook friend Liz. There were about 15 in 2 small sizes. Several went to members of my Smocking Guild and have been completed. I smocked a few while at the lake with friends. My boys are finally old enough that I can sit in a chair and sew while watching them. I wanted to try something different and fun. Here's what I came up with:
This one opens down the back. I smocked it in 2 shades of purple and yellow. I digitized the pansies and embroidered them.
 Then I added a lavender gingham neckband and hem. The tiny sleeves have Swiss edging and elastic. I am planning to add a tiny crocheted pansy to the center front of the smocking if I can find a pattern.

I flipped the next one so that it would button down the front:
I might use tiny snaps and sew decorative buttons on top. Buttonholes that tiny would be hard to fasten.
The smocking is very simple and I used candy pink gingham to pipe the neckband and sleeves. I trimmed the sleeves to make them short and puffed. I love them!
I did a very simple featherstitch machine embroidery design at the bottom. It still needs to be hemmed.
These little gowns are fun to experiment on because they take so little trim, etc to dress them up.

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