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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Children's Corner Pleats 2 II Dress: My Favorite!!

In the 7 or 8 years I have been a vintage pattern hoarder collector, I have seen this pattern come up only a handful of times. I was able to get one for a reasonable amount twice. Somehow, they are both size 1-2. (My extra is listed on EBAY)

Anyways, I have always LOVED the "Candace" dress (on the right). I mean, it may be my favorite pattern ever made. Everything about it appeals to me: the double-breasted front, pleats, collar, etc. It would be a classic as suitable for 1936 as 2016. How often can you say that?
So, you are thinking, "if she loves it so much, why didn't she ever make it?" Well, my littlest 2 kiddos are boys, so I've done a lot of boy stuff. But I think another reason is that I am afraid to mess up something that is my "favorite.". It is a bad character trait that I have recognized and I'm trying to change it. Do you ever not do something because you don't want to fail? It has to be perfect or nothing? It really sounds ridiculous, but I think I do that. So, not only did I jump into making this dress, but I cut into one of my favorite fabrics that I have been "saving." And I love how it turned out!!

I just need to do the hem. The whole thing took about 3 hours at most. It looks complicated, but is actually faster than gathering to yokes. Both front and back are pleated from shoulder down, so I felt like I was doing origami more than sewing!
Another time saver was that Children's Corner patterns are not "nested" so each piece can be used fresh from the package- no need to trace. I did waste a bit of time and (horrors) fabric because I initially cut the back with the cherries going upside-down. I knew it would bug me, so I re-did it.
This dress was really fun to make!!

I used the puffed sleeves from the "Camille" view instead of the cap sleeves. My fabric is called "Sweet Treats" from the Clothesline Club, but I can't find it for sale anymore.

The collar is white 100% cotton pique. The piping is called "whipstitch" and was from a piping grab bag. All I had to buy was the buttons!

Here's a side view. I haven't hemmed it yet because I was trying to figure out the length. This pattern is from the 1980s, so it doesn't quite have "Brady Bunch" length as I think of the pantie-showing 60s dresses. 

It is meant to be just above the knee, so I can do a regular hem or I could use a fabric facing. Red gingham would be cute for the facing with matching panties.

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putznanu said...

That fear thing is SO me ... I totally understand your fear.