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Friday, January 23, 2015

A Fabric Coincidence You Won't Believe!!

Today Rosie went bowling with some friends and I was their taxi driver. While they were there, I hopped on over to one of my favorite thrift shops, which is only open Weds and Friday. I almost fell over when I saw this fabric sitting on a shelf.
Not that remarkable, you are thinking. It's not Liberty of London or woven with gold threads, right? But check out this Raggedy Ann my Mom made me when I was a baby in the 1970s!! You can read more about her history in this post.
Look at her dress! It is the EXACT same fabric. I really just can't believe I found this and it's in brand new condition!
 Not to mention, there is 14 yards of this and I paid $8! Yes, that is not a typo! I think I will have to make a Raggedy Ann dress for my future grand-daughters from this. And I think I'll have enough lef to make some other projects too, don't you agree?
In puppy news, Carter had a cough/cold, but we got some medicine from the vet and he is so much better today. This was last night after a quick bath. He is eating like a horse and playing and running around again with hardly any cough!
What was your best fabric FIND? Mine was a piece of 3 yards of Liberty Tana Lawn for $3 until this!!


Linda Lee Steaples said...

Wow thats super awesome !!!!!! Congrats !!! I think my Gamma made me a peasent blouse out of that fabirc!!!!!!!!

Donna said...

That is amazing! How fun! I had a find not nearly so exciting but it made me happy. When my daughter was 9 (over 25 years ago), I made her flower girl dress for a friend's wedding. Years later, all my sewing supplies had to be destroyed with our house, including that pattern. Recently, I was in a thrift shop and found the pattern, in just the right sizes for my now grown up girl's little girls. And it's not out of style, either! I love thrift shop finds!

MaryO said...

That is wonderful! I was doing a lot of quilting in the late 70s (77-78-79)and I know I had this fabric or something very, very close to it! Just found your blog! Too sweet!

San Pedro, CA

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks for commenting! Glad you found my blog, Mary O! I can't believe the nostalgia this fabric gave me. It was such a fun thing to find!

Gingerbread Tearoom said...

Can i come shopping with you? Lol