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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Leftovers: Stocking Cuffs

I never had a chance to post my stockings before Christmas. You caught a glimpse of them hanging on the mantel in this post. Today I'll show you the embroideries close-up.
Andy has playful elves. He says he is on top. Andy is lots of fun and really cute, so elves are a good match for him!
Davy is a gingerbread boy. Sweet and darling, quiet and kind. That's our Davy- not to mention he is chief cookie-taster in our house.
Rosie has been dancing since she was 2. This will be her 12th recital year! She does all types of dance and can always be found pirouetting around the house. This beautiful ballerina with a touch of holly matches her energetic, fun personality.
Katie loved "worsies" since she was a  small girl. My Mom has given her the Breyer Carousel Horse ornament each year, so this is a perfect match for her. This embroidery was the toughest to stitch, as I had to shrink it down and it became very thick. Katie is elegant with a touch of whimsy, so this was a great match for her.
Pete has always liked dragons. I was going to do something with computers for him, but he saw this one and liked it better. Pete enjoys fantasy and sci-fi, so this design is terrific. This one stitched especially well. I used metallic gold for the sleigh and the dragon's harness and it looks spectacular in person. By the way, this is a Wizard Santa and Pete and I are big fans of Harry Potter, too!
Choosing a design for myself was the hardest of all! I chose this vintage skating couple because I love the Victorian times and clothing. I found a truly perfect design for me, but it was too big and I was afraid to reduce it. I am going to share it with you, anyway!
North Pole Stocking MakerDo you see that this is the shop of a stocking maker!? And there are 7 stockings hanging on the roof!! Perfection. Maybe I'll figure out a way to do this one for next year...
Hubby is my loveable dork geek. His job is an engineer, so he is on computers all day and uses them at night, too. He loves his gadgets. It was easy to chose a circuit board Christmas tree for him.

All of these designs are from Embroidery Library or Urban Threads. I was trying to keep some continuity. I managed to get them all pinned to the stockings in time for Christmas. By next year, they should be sewing into actual cuffs! I was thinking of using green ball fringe along the bottom of each cuff.
Coming up, I have 2 beautiful quilts in progress by my Mom and Katie, and one amazing quilt that I got for Christmas!


Michelle said...

Hi! I'm here from the Sew Darn Crafty Linky party! You're embroidery is amazing! I loved the Santa wizard and Dragon one the most but all of your stockings are great. It makes me want to get an embroidery machine but I don't think I'd use it that often.

SuperMomNoCape said...

These are gorgeous!! You did a wonderful job on them. The Wizard Santa and Dragon would be perfect for our oldest daughter. Makes me wish I had an embroidery sewing machine.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Michelle and Super Mom- thanks for looking and commenting! I do love the dragon, too- the gold is cool. I thought I might not use and embroidery machine much, but I use it all the time and love it!! If you are ever interested, a beginner Brother embroidery only is just about $250 and it works great (my oldest daughter has one!)

Gayle said...

Your Embroidery is gorgeous, are they your designs, If not would you mind telling me where the designs are from. I use my Embroidery Machine all the time. I love it too'

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Gayle- these designs were all from Embroidery Library or Urban Threads. Thanks!