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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Meet our New Little Boy: Carter!!

We got our first puppy this week! Neither hubby nor I have ever had an indoor pet, but we have enjoyed our chickens so much and the kids really wanted a dog. We fell in love with this little guy. He is a Yorkie-Poo. Eleven weeks old. 2.6 lbs of love!
Can you resist that sweet face?
He loves to cuddle and to play. Unfortunately, he started a cold yesterday, so today we are off to the vet. I hope they can give him some doggy medicine! We are all looking forward to playing with him, walking him when it gets warmer, and having a loyal companion!
Here he is by Andy (age 4) just to show you how tiny this little guy is!! If I need puppy advice, I'll post to ask you all!

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Donna said...

Lisa, he is just adorable! That face is too cute for words. I hope Carter will feel better soon.