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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Sailors & Shirt Modeled

We had pictures done today for several occasions: Andy's 3rd Birthday, Davy's 1st Communion, and Rosie's 4 Dance Recital Costumes.
I got a few shots in the Brownie-Goose Summer Sailors and machine embroidered Shirt I made to match. The shorts are a bit snug, but Andy just had his check-up and he's about 90% for height and weight, so I guess I'll start making 4s now.
I love this pose and I don't think these shorts look too "girly" - do you?
This smocked fishy jon jon was one I bought at a tent sale last year. I had forgotten it was in the closet until a week ago. When I found it, I knew it would be perfect for a summer picture. I found out why it was on sale, too- one of the buttonholes wasn't clipped open. A quick fix at the studio! We got lots more great pictures, too- I'll be sharing the recital pictures soon.

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Karen said...

Andy looks adorable in both outfits. I really like the anchor applique! It looks great on the white shirt.