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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Roundup of Sunsuits & Bonnets from MAS Patterns!!

I have been very happy to see the Bonnet & Sunsuit patterns being used to make some great creations! I'm going to showcase some today and if you have made one that you are willing to share, send me pictures at mommysapronstrings@gmail.com- thanks!
First up is this gorgeous set by Elizabeth H. She made an Ella Kathryn bonnet and smocked it to go with her sweet bishop dress. I love this combination! Can't you picture a little girl in this lovely set?
Karen, my blogging friend from Karen's Butterflies & Faeries, made this adorable Timmy & Mary sunsuit. Don't you love the color-blocked front and the little puffy pocket? With a little teddy inside! She even tells you how to create this look: just click on the link.
Karen didn't stop at 1...she told me she finished these 2 and has #3 and #4 in the works!! This one is a beautiful teddy bear toile. I would love to find some of this fabric, wouldn't you?
Becky posted this picture of her darling little girl on my facebook page. Here's a modern, trendy look for this old-fashioned pattern. Everyone loved the headband, too, and how can you resist reaching into your computer to pinch those little cheeks? I love seeing my patterns used, but even better on precious babies!!
This is the "Timmy" or boy's version of the sunsuit. It is made by Donna M for her little grandboy, 17 months old. She added a little triangle at the neckline with machine embroidery of a dinosaur. What a great "remix" and a super way to add some interest to a simple pattern. I'm glad the boys are being represented here!
Last, but certainly not least, is this amazing ensemble by Sharon, who blogs at Sweet pea & Pumkins. Her blog is brand-new to me, but boy there is a lot to see! Her taste is mine!! She has 4 boys and a little princess and she sews gorgeous things for all of them!! 
She used the Ella Kathryn bonnet pattern to make this watermelon bonnet. It is so different than my version, you wouldn't even know it's the same pattern. I LOVE how people can interpret this so many ways. Look how the scallops are like slices of watermelon with the little green ruffly rind!! Cute, cute, cute! I want to know how she has time to sew so much with 5 kids much younger than mine!!

So much talent- I am thrilled to be allowed to share these with you! If you haven't downloaded your free Ella Kathryn Bonnet or Timmy & Mary Sunsuit patterns, just join my patterns group on facebook!! I'd love to see you there!

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Karen said...

All of the outfits are darling, Lisa. It must make you happy to see others enjoying your patterns. Thank you for your sweet comments and for posting my pics on your blog!