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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Horsing Around

Davy was invited to a friend's birthday party this weekend. She was turning 8 and loves horseback riding. He wanted to get her something "horsey" and I thought making something might be a nice change, since I never know what toys and books kids already have. I was in a rush, as usual, and the only fabric I could find with horses was at Walmart. I thought it more suited to a quilt than clothing, but I gave it a try anyway. The floral on the sleeves was also from Walmart and thought they weren't a set, I think they go together perfectly. I used the Footloose & Fancy Free Sew Adorable Blouse, size 8. I decided to shirr the sleeves and neckline rather than using an elastic casing. The shirring went so well, even though it was only my second attempt. I did 3 rows on each sleeve and the neckline. The hems are just a narrow rolled hem. Once this was done, with an hour before the party, I decided to make a pillowcase to match.
I actually liked both items more than I thought I would! I think with the sleeves in the floral, the top is great for a horse-loving girl. The party was at our "Dinner & a Movie" place. I stayed and watched the movie with Andy & Pete while Davy was at the party. We saw "Monsters U" and it was great! I would definitely recommend it for kids of all ages. In fact, my girls still want to see it, so I may be going again. The birthday girl seemed to like the gift, but it was so loud and rushed, that I couldn't tell for sure. I hope she did!


Crys said...

Great Job. I love giving handmade gifts and in fact I have some of that very fabric destined to be come a skirt for a horse loving girly at church.

Karen said...

I am sure that she loved the blouse and will adore having that pillowcase covering her pillow when she goes to sleepovers. Great job!