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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby Quilts Done...Finally!

These adorable baby quilts were stitched by the children in Davy's second-grade class. They were learning about Pioneers and the teacher thought a sewing project would tie in well. I'm not sure how similar a totally machine-stitched quilt is to what the Pioneers did, but the children sure loved sewing it! They were amazing. I spent about 15 minutes with each child and they laid out, stitched, and ironed (2) 4-patch blocks each.
I had pre-cut the squares and planned 2 quilts: one for a baby boy and one for a baby girl. The girl's quilt has owls with bright pink, blue, green, and yellow squares.
The boy's quilt has dinosaurs with blue, green, yellow, and orange squares. The boys in the class made the blocks for the dinosaur quilt and the girls stitched the owls.
I put the blocks together, backed with flannel, machine stipple-quilted, and bound the quilts.
I chose bright bindings to make the quilts more fun and the flannel backing makes them very cozy.
These will be donated to a special lady who makes Welcome Bundles for underprivileged babies in our state. She will come visit the class tomorrow to pick up the quilts and tell the children about her project. She wraps the donated quilts or afghans around a complete layette of gently-used (donated) baby clothes, including outfits, socks, blankets, outerwear, a sweater, and sleepers. Each layette is seasonally appropriate and will fit 0-6 months. After it is wrapped in the quilt, it is tied with a ribbon and a small toy and book are added. They are distributed throughout our state by social workers.
I like to "give back" when I can, so I am thrilled to have been a part of stitching these baby quilts. BUT I am also so glad they can be crossed off my to-do list. Now I can work on the pinafore pattern!


Deb said...

The children (and you) did such a great job!

Karen said...

The quilts are delightful and the children learned about giving to others. What a wonderful gift for new mothers less fortunate than ourselves. The children also may have realized that in the pioneer days, if you wanted a blanket/quilt, you had to make it for yourself. My kindergarten students have a hard time imagining a life without the 'instant gratification' that comes from just going to the store and buying something. They also have a hard time believing there was a time without T.V., video games, CD's, and washing machines!

I am excited to tell you that two of your sunsuits are almost complete and two more are cut out! They are addicting! The pattern goes together beautifully. Thank you again for giving this to everyone.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Karen, Thank you for your lovely remarks! My own kids can hardly believe that I didn't have DVDs growing up and listened to tapes! We saw a dial phone at an antique store and they asked how did you call on it!!??
The kids were so darling and really took their time with the sewing. I wish I could do more projects with them.
PLEASE send pictures when you are done with the sunsuits- I would love to see them!! Are they for someone special?

Linda Lee Steaples said...


Sarah Blakeley said...

Oh my! Lisa, what a fun project!! I'm sure the kids just loved this- but my, what patience you must have! Way to go :)

kim leavens said...

Yeah...they look wonderful!! Feels good to get things done and help someone at the same time. Of course your gorgeous free patterns are helping all of us feed out addiction of sewing beautiful things...LOL!!!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks so much- you are all so sweet! I will be delivering the quilts this afternoon. Then I can enjoy working on the pinafore pattern! Kim, thanks for that nice remark- I am so addicted to cute patterns: old, new, whatever!

Michelle said...

Those are so cute!

JoEllen said...

These quilts are so bright and cheery! The will bring joy to the lucky recipient!