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Friday, February 24, 2012

Goodnight, Sweetheart

These His & Hers pillowcases were a Valentine's Day gift for my hubby. I have made so many sets of monogrammed or embellished pillowcases since I got my embroidery machine, but I have given them all as gifts! This is the first set I've made for us. I know hubby will think of his retro wife every time he sees his pillow, even if his dreams are more Star Trek (Star Date: -310852.36462128116) than Gone With the Wind (1939)!
The designs are by Heather's Home at OPW. I'm glad I bought them awhile ago on sale, because I can't find them at OPW anymore. It's a shame, because these stitched beautifully.
 Cross-stitched designs can look great when all the crosses go in the same direction, or not so great if poorly digitized. This whole design looks great to me!

These his & hers designs are from a vintage transfer, which I couldn't resist buying when I found one.
 There are some other cute designs here that I might try digitizing myself. I've been working on a "3 Little Kittens with their Mittens" design which is looking super. I also started Andy's Easter outfit, so I have lots to work on!


happygirl said...

Lisa, very nice work. I love all vintage looking designs and Heather was one of my favorite digitzers too. I too digitized a rose pillowcase for my valentine this year.

Jan M said...

I love embroidered pillowcases! Definitely make for sweeter dreams. I do not remember seeing any with such cute little nightwear before. Fantastic job, and such a sweet gift!

Pam said...

This is so cute! I love your Star Trek vs. GWTW comment. Made me LOL! :-) Look forward to seeing more posts!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks, Ladies! I enjoyed checking out your blogs, too! Happygirl, do you know what happened to Heather? Is she still selling designs?

quirky said...

These look absolutely beautiful. I had no idea you could embroider with a machine, I'm still learning how to sew a straight line!!