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Friday, February 10, 2012

Bitty Boy Bab-ing Suit

I have been wanting to make a little swimsuit for Andy. We joined the YMCA in the Fall and they have a wonderful pool. Andy and I do a Gym & Swim class every Thursday and we have lots of fun. I loved the embroidered seersucker girl's swimsuit pattern from Sew Beautiful last year and thought the idea would be cute on boy's swim trunks as well. I call it a "Bab-ing Suit" because that's how Davy used to say bathing suit, so we often call it that.
 The fabric is 100% cotton from my "stash" and the embroidery is a freebie from JuJu. It stitched wonderfully. I used polyester thread so that the design won't bleach from the chlorinated pool. I already tried it on Andy and it looks adorable! Now I'd like to find a plain white T-shirt and embellish it to co-ordinate.
 There's still time to enter the give away!


Jan M said...

That is darling!

Janice said...

Precious! It looks cool and cute and classic. No Spiderman, no Superman, no Transformers!! Yeah!!!!

StephC said...

This is so cute!