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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Katie's Kindle Kase

I kouldn't resist that title! My 13 year old Katie loves her Kindle, so I knew that a zippered case would be a great gift to make for her. I used the same in-the-hoop design that I made mine from: eReader Case from Five Star Fonts. This time I did an extra hooping to make the optional quilted back and it is really nice. The case has a pocket inside so that you can separate your Kindle and your charger. It is the perfect size and goes together so easily. I highly recommend this design! 
The fabric I used was from my Guild auction, so this was another nearly free creation. Katie loves it and it will protect her Kindle for many years of enjoyable reading.
I am making the PDF files for the clothespin bag pattern, which should be ready tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement from all of you who requested it!!

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