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Friday, December 2, 2011

Embroidered Kitchen Towels...(Mom, Don't Read This Post!)

I found several plain kitchen towels while organizing my fabrics. I left them out so that when I had a little time, I could stitch a design. They will make good hostess or swap gifts.
This first one is a rooster from EmbLibrary that I chose because it was stitched in one color and I wanted to see how it would look in variegated thread (Sulky Rayon).
This snowman towel was done on Thanksgiving with my best friend (since I was 1yr old) Karen, who joined us this year. She was interested in how the ME worked, so she picked the design and colors and we stitched it. 

 Next up is a Rosemary Herb design. This will be a stocking stuffer for my MOM, who is awesome! I chose Rosemary because when I got married, she wrote me a personal cookbook of all her recipes that she used when I was a child. She wrote a little story with each one, saying where she got it or whose favorite it was. She also added graces, sayings about food, and clipart. She made copies for everyone at my bridal shower and it was named "Rosemary for Remembrance" and wrapped with a wooden spoon as a favor. 

Last up, is this silly reindeer towel. I bought these color line designs from Britt and took the names off and combined 4 in a row. I used 2 different browns and the darker one looks black in the pix, but not in real life. I have had fun making these and can now justify ordering more "blanks"! I'm hoping to work on Andy's coat this weekend, but we are going yo a bunch of craft fairs, 2 Christmas parties, and maybe getting our tree, so we'll see.

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