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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The New Math...Dad to the 5th

Yesterday I finished the last of my presents for my family. I have several more to show you, but some may wait till after Christmas. This one is for my Hubby. He is an engineer and very geeky and into math and science. I think he will like this design I made for him, Dad to the 5th power. I don't think my husband or anyone in his extended family ever thought he would be a Dad to 5 kids. They are a clan of 2-children families. In fact, Hubby figured out that we have more children than all his cousins combined, and he has 8 cousins!!
I used Planet Applique's Varsity Feltie Alphabet for the D-A-D and I added the 5. I wish I had centered it better, but with only 3 days until Christmas, I am going to leave well enough alone. I have a lot of wrapping left to do, but otherwise I'm in good shape. The kids have one more day of school, then we are on VACATION. Yeah!!

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