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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Red Baby Boy Sweater and Pixie Hat...Finished!

All 5 kids have a cold and they shared it with me. My Mom came by yesterday to play with the baby and I took the chance to watch a Christmas movie and finish my knitting. This is the 7 Hour Boy's Toddler Sweater pattern that I made before in blue. This red one is for Andy for Christmas. I changed it a little by making the borders in ribbing instead of garter stitch. The Pixie Hat is my own design and is really cute on. It has a jingle bell at the peak. Both still need buttons, so the chin strap is loose in the photo. I have 3 more gifts to finish making for my kids. I'm hoping to work on Pete's today.
I have the little blue coat almost finished. I just need to add buttons and lining, so hopefully I'll be sharing it soon. Hope your Christmas preparations are coming along, too!

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Janice said...

I love the sweater. It is even cuter with the pixie hat. Andy must be adorable wearing it. Hope you and all the children feel better soon.