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Friday, April 1, 2011

Herbal Hostess Gift

Tomorrow, Hubby and I are going to a dinner party at his boss's house. It will be fun to go out alone, though it took a lot of organizing to do it. Because we have to travel an hour AND we'll be out all evening AND the baby is still little and wants me at night AND my Mom and chief babysitter has a broken foot, we rented 2 hotel rooms near the house at which we are having dinner. My Mom and Dad will take the kids to the pool, have dinner, and watch movies while we are out, so it will be a mini-vacation for all of us!
I wanted to make a special machine embroidered hostess gift and my sewing friends thought kitchen towels would be nice. I have a small stash of nice towels that I ordered from Embroider This. I used 2 white waffle weave cotton towels. They are quite large, soft, and have a nice loop in the corner for hanging (and I even remembered to ME the other end!). I thought about my favorite vintage designs from Sew Weird, but since I don't know this couple, I wanted something that would appeal to a wide range of ladies, so I chose Toile Herbs from EmbLibrary for the designs.
 I used oregano and parsley because we are having chicken parmigiana. I thought about making them both green, but I liked their example in tan, so I made them different.
 I love designs in one color, because once you get it going, it stitches very quickly! These designs were only 9 to 10 thousand stitches each, so I was done both towels in less than an hour.
Tomorrow morning I will bake my Mom's recipe for Scotch Chocolate Cake. It is DELICIOUS! I'll try to post photos and the recipe on Sunday. I hope this Hostess Gift is enjoyed!

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