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Friday, April 8, 2011

Treats in the Mail!

My wonderful Mom gave me gift certificates to some of my favorite Heirloom Shops for Christmas. I decided that I want to make Andy a new bubble for Easter. I have 2 "rabbit" smocked bubbles from my other boys, but one is too small and one is too big, since they were younger for their first Easter. I had a ball making my selections at Bessie Mary (hi, Jan!) and Farmhouse Fabrics. I filled and emptied my cart many times before finally placing my orders. Here's what I chose from Bessie Mary:
This is a beautiful spring green check, 100% cotton with a beautiful feel. I'm not sure what I'm going to make from this (yet).
The blue is Imperial broadcloth with matching piping. I bought it to go with the colorful plaid I already had. Andy couldn't resist grabbing the package of piping.
The fabric on the left is cotton pique. I love this for boy's shirts, collars, and cuffs. I can't buy any nice fabrics locally and my small stash of pique has been used up, so this will be great. On the right is white Skip Dent. It is a poly/cotton with a subtle woven stripe. I have been wanting to try this ever since I saw it on Southern Matriarch. I think it would be nice for a shirt or bubble for Andy and I love the easy-care of poly/cotton. Jan sent along some swatches to tempt me!
And from Farmhouse Fabrics:
I've been coveting this fabric for a long time! I bought pre-made matching piping, which will save me a lot of time. I can try my new Piping Foot for the first time, too. Sewing piping without a piping foot is NOT fun! Here's what I'm going to make with this fabric:
I'm planning to make the smocked version with the shaped collar. This is one of the disgusting number of several patterns I've been wanting to try for a long time.
The blue is a cotton broadcloth by Calvin Klein. I thought it would be nice for a romper or shirt. I don't have specific plans for it yet. The 2 wrapped white fabrics are special interfacings. The much recommended German interfacing and a good-quality Baby interfacing. The German interfacing is fusible 100% cotton and doesn't pucker like some fusibles.
Last but not least, some Swiss Wale Pique, 100% cotton.
I am hoping to start Andy's romper tomorrow. I already traced my pattern and I'm ready to go. I look forward to sharing the finished bubble with you!


LMP said...

Gorgeous fabrics! I can't wait to see the bubble.

Don't you just LOVE BessieMary?!? I go to the website for one thing, and things just jump into my cart. I think she must have some special software that does that!

Cindy said...

I enjoyed seeing your loot!!! I love buying from Jan and Sally both. I always feel so special when I open my packages from them! I can't wait to see the bubble you make. I assume the pattern is OOP? It is adorable though!!!

Elisabeth Rose said...

LMP- Things magically appear in my cart, too! I like the fabrics even better in person than I thought I would seeing them online.
Cindy- I think this pattern is OOP, but Chadwick's Heirlooms has it. I like it because it has several variations and sizes 1-5, which is nice for "big" babies!
Thanks for your comments!

Jan M said...

Enjoy your new goodies! I always love seeing what my sweet customers make!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Jan, I LOVE everything I got. The best thing would be if I have time to sew it all into cute outfits and send you another order soon! Thanks for your awesome customer service and lightning shipping! It's fun buying from a friend, even if we haven't met.