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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Love Vintage Patterns!

This pretty dress pattern arrived in the mail today. I purchased it on ebay because I love the style. I like the side-button opening, the simple collar, and the flared skirt is flattering. I would like to make this in a pretty floral 30's print. I thought this pattern was from the 1940's, but its copyright is actually 1956; more June Cleaver than Olivia Walton. When I opened up the envelope, I found an extra treat. There was a 2-sided advertisement for other pattern styles. I think you will enjoy seeing it.
Some of these are so pretty; I love 8108 and 8109. The dresses in the top row look more 50's to me. That very full skirt is what I think of as a 50's look. The other side of the ad has girl's patterns.
Do you collect vintage patterns, too?


gmaofthree said...

I love 8108 and 8109, too! And the other at the bottom looks like it has smocking on the shoulders. Maybe I love these because my early memories are of my mom wearing dresses like these that she made. She sewed impeccably and made everything for herself, my sister, and me. I miss my mom and this brought back sweet memories! Thank you for sharing!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Gma,
I'm glad these pictures brought back good memories for you. I love these pretty "house dresses". Thanks for leaving a comment!