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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Vintage Summer Sewing

Happy Easter to all my Blogger Friends! I thought I'd be back before Easter to share Andy's bubble, but as it turned out, I was so busy getting ready for Easter that I didn't finish it. He wore a smocked Peter Cottontail bubble that my older boys wore and it looked adorable. I will finish the other one for his first birthday at the end of May. This little sun suit is from a vintage Advance pattern. I love the wrap-around buttons and the bias binding. The yoke would be perfect for a little hand or machine embroidery. I hope to make this soon. Here's the whole pattern cover: 
Another little vintage romper I'd like to make is this one:

I love the scalloped yoke on this one, though I read the scanty directions and didn't quite understand how it is done. I might have to do it my own way, IF I get to it! Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing these sweet vintage patterns! Hello to all my sewing and blogging friends and I hope you had a blessed Easter and some beautiful spring weather coming your way!

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