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Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Crayon" Comfort Quilt

This pretty quilt was created as part of a fun program I ran for my Quilt Guild last year. It was called the Crayon Block Challenge. I bought a 64 pack of crayons and removed any that were black, grays, browns, neon, or ugly colors. The rest went in a box and all the ladies at the meeting had a chance to choose as many crayons as they were willing to make blocks for. I printed very specific direction sheets on how to make this simple star block and gave everyone a strip of white Kona cotton so that all the backgrounds matched. Some ladies made one block, but many made 2, 3, or even 4. They had to choose a fabric that matched their crayon color and was solid or texture (rather than multi-colored). I also asked them to bring 4 (3") blocks to use in the sashing. We ended up with about 60 blocks and everyone had a fun time making them. We brought all the blocks to our retreat and made 2 bed-size quilts from them; one in tropical colors and one in jewel tones. I'll have to share pictures of those later, because they are stuck on the old computer. We used a different setting on each and they were both beautiful. The blocks seemed to divide themselves into groups by color and we had many pinks and purples left over. One of the ladies in our guild offered to make them into a lap quilt and also did a wonderful job machine quilting it.
This quilt has been waiting in our "Comfort Cupboard" until it was needed and now it will be delivered to my friend's Mom, who is battling cancer for the third time. I hope it will keep her cozy and brighten her room while she undergoes treatments.

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