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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Row Robin Quilt

I have my Quilt Guild meeting tonight and I just finished my row for the row robin project we are doing. A row robin is fun; we have groups of 5-6 ladies that will each make a row and provide a kit of fabric for their quilt. Then, each month we rotate the kits among our group and each lady makes one row for each quilt. I won't see my quilt again until May when I will get all 5 rows back and everyone will enjoy the unveiling of their quilt. Putting it together, adding borders, and quilting is for me to do afterwards.
I wanted to do something fun for this project. I usually choose earth colors, traditional prints, conservative.
I had seen this bird fabric awhile back and it reminded me of a black tole painted tray my Mom made when I was little. When I had to choose fabrics for the row robin, I remembered this collection. It has a panel and border print as well (not pictured here) which I am reserving for finishing.

I chose several brights to go with it and chose some block patterns from www.quilterscache.com. I am not sure I like it! It's much brighter than I am used to, but the meeting is tonight, so I'll have to go with it!
Here is a picture of the whole row. The rows will be sashed with solid black. It will be fun to see the others' quilts that I will be working on.

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