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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days and Sick Days...

I can't believe it has been a week since I posted! In that time, we had 2 more snow days off, due to the 24" of snow we had on Tuesday and Wednesday. We also had sick days, due to the stomach "bug" that arrived on Thursday and has affected everyone in the house, except baby Andy (so far- fingers crossed). I am hoping that the weather will start to improve soon and I will have more time to sew and to post. I am hoping to catch up on my Quilt Guild's row robin project and start a smocked outfit for Andy's first Easter.
 Today I thought I'd share this coiled fabric bowl. I have probably made more than 10 of these, mostly as gifts. One year, I made small ones and added some homemade candy and a restaurant gift card for teacher's gifts. These are really fun to make! You just need a package of cotton clothesline type rope (inexpensive at Walmart) and fabric cut into 1/2" wide strips. You can pre-wrap yards of rope while sitting in front of the TV or listening to music and then you are ready to stitch it together all at once. All you have to do is zigzag the covered rope into shape, I started by following directions in this excellent book, It's A Wrap.
It shows you how to make bowls, purses, all sorts of things. You can make these any size, too. They are nice for fruit or bread baskets, to give a gift, hold little candies for a holiday, or it could be used to hold little sewing items! A friend of mine made a bowl with 4 matching napkins as a hostess gift. If you want a fun, easy, and quick project, give this a try!!


Elizabeth said...

I have seen that and wanted to try it, but I have never gotten around to it. Your bowls look great - I will have to try it sometime.

Elizabeth said...

I have seen this and wanted to try it, but I have never gotten around to it. Your bowl looks great. I will have to try it now