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Monday, February 7, 2011

Vintage Kitchen Towels

Today I had fun embroidering these 2 kitchen towels with Vintage Curiosity designs by Sew Weird. I love Juli's vintage designs. They always stitch well and I think they most resemble hand embroidery.
The set has 7 large designs, one for each day of the week. I stitched "Bake Day" and "Mend Day" this time. They only took about 20 minutes each and I love the way they look.
 The towels I used are from Dunroven House and they are cotton with a pretty colored border.
 Here's a close-up of Bake Day and below is Mend Day.
These were really fun to do! I'd like to make the whole set some time. If you like these, check out my post on the Vintage Puppies Baby Blanket too. Have a great day and if you want to make mine great, leave a comment! Thanks, Lisa

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Sally said...

These are really cute! Were these actually stitched by machine? They remind me of some dishtowels that I inherited from my Grandma...only that have kittens and are labeled by days of the week.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Sally!
Yes, these were stitched on my Viking sewing machine, which has machine embroidery capability. The designs are based on vintage transfers, so they are very similar to what you remember made by your Grandma, but they take a lot less time to stitch (about 15 minutes each). Thanks for your comment!