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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Little More Quilting...

My Quilt Guild had a program we called the "lunch bag toss." We each chose a small assortment of fabrics we liked and put them in a brown lunch bag. All the bags were mixed up so we didn't know whose was whose and tossed to people. Then we had to make a block for that person just using the fabric from the bag. When we returned them at the next meeting, everyone tried to guess who it belonged to based on the fabric choices. This is the block I made. I used the fabrics to frame a machine embroidered redwork sewing basket.

This design is from Embroidery Library and stitched great. One color designs are so quick and easy!

In December, my Guild will be starting another row robin program, so I will be sharing my rows for that soon. First I have to choose the fabrics for my quilt!

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