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Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 1 of Christmas Party! Light Bulb Ornaments & A Give Away!

Made by Me, this is the one for the Give Away!
 This week, I'm joining up with Laura at Ellie Inspired for her blogger's Christmas Party! I will be posting a new idea each day this week. I have some crafts, recipes, sewing, and fun memories to share with you. First up, these adorable light bulb ornaments you can make with your kids.

Last week many light bulbs went out in my house. 7 to be exact. I'm not kidding! A halogen floodlight (recessed) went out in my kitchen, so I put in a new one and when I turned the lights back on, a different one had blown out! Besides those, 5 regular incandescent bulbs were replaced by me (on a chair, because I'm "petite"; 2 of my kids are now 5" taller than me!). So, I couldn't just throw them away, even though keeping them made me feel like I should be on an episode of "Hoarders". They reminded me of these adorable ornaments we have made in the past. I first saw this idea 3 years ago when Rosie made one in second grade. I think that was an ambitious craft for a second grade teacher to do with a classroom of kids, but I just love them!
Supplies for Light Bulb Ornament
 What you will need:
A light bulb
Snow-tex craft paint (I found it at Michael's)
Asst'd colors of craft paint-white, black, orange, hat color
A toothpick for the nose
9" of plaid ribbon (about 3/8" wide) or fleece for the scarf (about 9"x3/8")
Small pompom for hat (optional)
2 small twigs for arms (optional)
4" of floral wire for the hanger
Glue gun or tacky glue
Light bulb primed white

To make your ornament: paint the glass portion of the bulb with white craft paint to act as a primer under the Snow-tex. When it is dry, paint with one coat of Snow-tex. I found that spreading a thin layer with a craft stick was easier than using a brush. The Snow-tex takes awhile to dry; once it is dry, paint the metal part of the bulb the color you want for the hat. Give it 2 or 3 coats. Paint a toothpick orange for the nose. You will just snip off a bit at one end (about 1/2" long). Make dots for eyes and mouth with black paint on a toothpick. Use a glue gun or tacky glue to attach the scarf, nose, and twig arms. Make a loop of floral wire and glue neatly to the top of the hat. Cover with a small pompom if you like. Your ornament is done!

Made by Rosie, age 10
Made by Katie, age 12
Made by Davy, age 6, he added legs!
 These are fun to do with kids and make great teacher's gifts, Yankee swaps, or tie one onto a plate of homemade cookies. You could make one for each person in your family!

GIVEAWAY TIME! I would like to give a snowman ornament to one of my lovely readers (Continental US & Canada only). If you'd like to win, just post a comment here telling me something you like about my blog (an item or idea I have shared) or something you'd like to see! If you are a follower (or become a follower), tell me so in your comment and I'll give you a second chance to win!! I'll pick a winner on November 20, at the end of the party. (Please be sure you have an email associated with your profile or post a way for me to reach you.)


Sarah said...

I just started following after linking from Ellie Inspired! LOVE the cute light bulb idea!!! Very cute and practical (since lightbulbs do go out often!) Thanks!

everythingsewing said...

Just found you after linking to Ellieinsired. What a great idea for those light bulbs. Great blog you have.


Elisabeth Rose said...

Ladies, so glad you found my blog and thanks for your comments! I just found yours, too, everythingsewing, and look forward to reading it!

Goosegirl said...

I love snowmen! I may try this with Ahnalin once our whole huge move is settled down. I love this little snowman!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Sivje,
Glad you like the idea. Ahnalin is a good age for this craft! Good luck with the move.

ewenme said...

I found your blog after reading Ellen Inspired blog. Love all the cute things you create and share instructions to make for ourselves.

~Niki~ said...

I love your toffee recipe~I am going to use this for my holiday party coming up! thankyou for letting me enter. i am a follower too :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Really, I was ready to say this before I saw Niki's comment above mine.
I love your toffee recipe and can't wait to try it!