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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I have not accomplished a lot of sewing lately. I made these tiny "Max Joggers" in a sew-along and I used my cover-stitch to finish them.

The top-stitching around the bum circle was done on the cover-stitch machine. It makes a double line of straight stitches, with stretch allowance in the back. It's like the hem on a purchased t-shirt.

Here is the inside view. The top-stitching neatly holds down the serged seam allowance and makes it totally flat and smooth on the inside. I am absolutely enjoying my new serger & cover-stitch machines!!


B Wallace said...

What brand serger do you have? I cannot learn to thread mine. I have a Bernina Serger which I love as long as someone else threads it. Then I got a Bernina cover stitch machine, and I cannot thread that one either. The thread keeps breaking. Very frustrating as I have sewn all of my life.

B Wallace said...

I have a Bernina Serger, and a Bernina cover stitch machine. Threading both of them is difficult - VERY hard for me. My cover stitch machine is pretty new, and the bobbin thread keeps breaking. I'm sure it's not threaded correctly, but the ladies who sold it to me threaded it. Very, very frustrating.

B Wallace