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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sew-along Dress & Leggings

I love how this set turned out! It was so quick and easy to make, too! I never realized how forgiving and quick it is to sew with knits. You can make leggings in 20 minutes- it's crazy!!
The dress was part of a sew-along last week on facebook. The adorable fabrics were purchased in a destash group, except for the lime ribbing. I didn't have any, so I used a tank top from Walmart!
When I made the neckband as called for, the piece was way too long and therefore, wavy. I can't stand wavy ribbing. so I carefully removed and re-did it. I like it much better now!
Here is the back of the leggings with the cute bum circle.
The front is just plain. This set is a 12 months size.
Look at the awesomeness of the cover-stitched hem!! It looks so professional!!


Joy Candrian said...

Darling outfit! xoxo Grandma

mabeane said...

Where can I find the sew along for this dress?