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Monday, February 15, 2016

Girly Polka Dot Outfit for Spring

Ok- I made another pair of Maxaloones. I'm tellin' ya, this pattern is sewing crack. It's just addictive. Easy, cute, fun, and they hardly take any fabric.

This set is destined for a friend's granddaughter. She is 18 months, so these should fit well now and for another year or two!

She may not be wearing this for a few weeks, since it was -15 degrees here when we woke up today. Ugg. Spring will come. Spring will come.

Gotta show off that cute heinie!

These fabrics are cotton/lycra. I got the polka dots from a friend and the salmon is from a Walmart cami. The colors in the second picture are true.

I bought the little white shirt at Walmart, too. It's a Garanimals  basic.

The shirt looked too plain and I wanted to tie it in with the pants, so I digitized a "raggy" flower. It is just the bean stitch. I used felt underneath the knit to give it some dimension and eliminate the need for a permanent stabilizer for the knit.

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