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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Froggy Pillowcases

I made some super-soft, super-easy pillowcases this week.
I have a special quilting friend who is in rehab in a nursing home for a few weeks. Our guild has been visiting to keep her spirits up. Plus, she's a really fun lady! She is a famous quilter who does everything by hand. I'll share one of her quilts soon.
When we visit, she is propped up with pillows in a hospital bed and can't walk around freely. I thought a soft, cozy pillowcase would be better than the plain white ones they have. She has a room-mate who is very sweet, too, and the room-mates favorite color is pink!
I was looking for pink flannel and found these coordinating froggies. They are soft and cheerful! The pink with the green cuff is for the roommate and the green with the pink cuff is for my friend. Of course, I have a sick kiddo home this week, so I haven't been able to deliver these yet. I think they will like them!
I rotary-cut the pieces and assembled them on my serger. Literally about 5 minutes each!!!

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