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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

For the Wee Ones

I have really enjoyed making these tiny gowns. I am sad to think of why they are needed, but glad to help in a wee way.
This little gown is from a pattern by Joy Welsh of Applique for Kids. She generously allowed SAGA to publish it and has graciously allowed me to post the PDF in my MAS Patterns Group!! Thank you, JOY! I used ecru Martha's favorite cotton batiste for this gown. I don't remember where the lace came from- possibly a super MP Co. sale. It is about 2" wide, cotton, and very soft. I initially added the wide lace at the neckline, but it was too much. So, I cut it in half widthwise and I like the scale better, but I wish I had stitched it to the top  of the casing, instead of underneath. I would have moved it again, but I just can't undo all the tiny stitches. Next time I will know.
I love the sleeves. I used a little lace beading with narrow ribbon and it allows ease of dressing, but also can be fitted so it's not too blousy.
The embroidery is a cross from Creative Keepsakes Christening II with "In God's Arms" added in Embird. It is stitched in gold metallic thread.
The embroidery next to it is one I digitized. It is actually based on a tattoo of a Dad who lost an angel baby. I asked people's opinions and they overwhelmingly felt it was not appropriate, so I am not using that one on anything.
Joy's pattern is great for several reasons:
1. It comes in 4 sizes from Tiny Preemie to Newborn
2. With the drawstring neck, it is super quick to sew
3. It is nearly flat in front making it a great canvas for embroidery, lace work, etc.
4. PDF makes it so easy to print and it has just 3 pieces!
 So, go download yours today and give it a try to help Preemies in your area.

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