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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Baby Goes to Kindergarten!

Yes! My sweet little Andy started Kindergarten today! We rode the bus together and he had about an hour of orientation in his classroom. He has a little girl from our neighborhood in his class as well as a good friend from last year, along with many new "friends" to meet! His teacher is a repeat for us: one that Rosie had and  loved when she was in Kindergarten!

An occasion like this calls for a new shirt, don't you think?

I started with a spring green t-shirt and added an embroidered/appliqued design from Applique Alley.

I used a jellyroll of bright colors to do the "Rocks" in rainbow colors. If they have a rainbow day at school, we will be all set.

Here's my little darling. I know he will have a wonderful year! Tomorrow is the big "First Day" for Rosie, Davy, and Andy. Katie already started a couple of "early college" courses this week and Pete goes back in a couple of weeks. Five kids at 5 different schools! It's going to be a busy year!

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