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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tiny Pink Baby Gown

I finished the little pink gown that I made from a 13" vintage doll pattern.
I hand-stitched the whole dress.
The fabric is dotted Swiss. I bought 3 yards of pink on a destash group and the seller kindly sent some extra scrap size pieces. I was just able to squeeze this little gown from the scraps.
Here's the back. I bought some iron-safe nylon snaps that I will sew on.

Even though this pattern was for a doll, it has beautiful details like these little pleats under each sleeve.

I gathered antique ecru lace around the hem and stitched it flat to the hem.
Here's a size comparison. The white gown is the one I made a few weeks ago, shared here. The scissors show you how tiny both gowns are.
I worked on this gown exclusively at "the lake" in town this summer, chatting with friends while our kids played. I have had so much fun making these tiny gowns. They use barely any materials and are a great way to try a new technique.
I have a lot of projects "in the works" so I'll see you soon!

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