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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Heritage on Cape Cod

While we were at the beach, we spent a day at Heritage Plantation. It is a unique blend of gardens, exhibits, and outdoor fun! This is the Hidden Hollow kid's play area.
There are xylophones that sound amazing!

 This tree house is built on a hill.

You can build a fort or teepee.
Or build a golf ball obstacle course.
This was part of an exhibit of ways artists build natural resting places to sit and read. This has a bench all around the inside and a place to enter. It was quite beautiful.

The gardens are amazing. This is a waterfall.
Isn't this pretty?
Would you like to sit here and read a book?
I took lots of Hydrangea pictures!

This was a rhody that hadn't bloomed yet.
Then we rode the antique carousel.
It was nearly closing time when I spied this amazing painting. We didn't have time to see the Wyeth exhibit or the antique cars- definitely next time!

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Karen said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful time! You are making memories! Blessings, Karen