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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy July 4th! The Parade...

We spend 4th of July at the beach every year and this year it was so cool and nice! Our parade had all the usual components of a New England Beach Independence Day:
Little boys collecting candy! There were several pieces that flew right into the bag, but I never caught it in a picture.
Beautiful antique cars!
With a real "trunk"- love it!!
Couldn't be at the beach without a real mermaid!
The Ladybug Ladies Lovely Umbrella Dance
Our dog liked watching the dogs in the parade, which were every size and color...
And Church was represented beautifully
with a friendly reminder too:
Don't forget the local creatures- if you don't live around here you might not recognize a horseshoe crab.
I have to include a little sewing in each post, right?

Two days early, I made these t-shirts for my little boys. This design is from PNW and I made the 6" square for Davy and the 4" square for Andy. I stitched them on white pique and then sewed the square onto plain navy blue t-shirts. This is my new favorite way to embroider t-shirts because stitching words on the shirts invariably leads to puckers. Also, the white square shows up better.

We have been very busy, so I'll share more soon!

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