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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Unique Vintage Pattern

I have talked before about the reasons I love vintage patterns. Today I am showing a recent find that I think is really cool. First of all, I like it because it is something I would actually make. I think it's now called a wholecloth quilt, referring to a quilt whose design is derived purely from the quilting, not piecing. It is a pretty baby quilt.

This pattern is special, though, because it's the first one I have seen that folds open. See the crease along the center of the quilt? The front opens up so you can have a great view.

The last pictures shows how the transfers are tucked into the envelope and the directions are printed on the inside. It was funny that I found this pattern on etsy and it was sent to me before I realized the seller was only 2 towns away from me! A neat purchase all around!!

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