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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Princess Celestia Purse for Hannah

My talented teen Katie is a very sweet and thoughtful person! She wanted to send something to her best friend's little sister for her birthday. She remembered how much she and Rosie loved their jean purses when they were little.
We used an old pair of Andy's jeans from the consignment pile. They are pretty little, which makes the purse a nice size for a 6 year old girl. Katie knew that Hannah loves My Little Pony, but not just any pony would do. Her favorite is "Princess Celestia" probably the most complicated one to embroider! We found the design on Etsy and it stitched out quite well, even on the thick denim (2 layers because of the pocket).
What good is a purse without a few things to keep a girl going? Katie had picked up a special lollipop, some pencils, and a bracelet on a vacation recently. We added a $2 bill for fun. We wondered if people would think it's counterfeit if you try to spend it? I have one left in my car to try on an unsuspecting cashier sometime!
This package will ship out tomorrow. I think a special little sister in Florida is really going to love this!

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