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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stitching Even a 9 year old Boy Would Love...

I don't know if we've had one sickness come and go for the past 3 weeks, or if we've had 3 or 4 different things. Of course, illness is one thing kids are really great at sharing!!
Anyway, we've had sleepless nights, unproductive days, and cold, snowy weather. Not much creativity has been going on.
I did embroider a cozy sweatshirt for Davy, though. The only plain zippered hoodie I could find had a thick sherpa lining. I wasn't sure if I could embroider over it, but it came out great!
The "Minecraft University" logo is one I digitized myself a couple of years ago when Pete first got into playing Minecraft. Now Davy likes it, too. I like the slogan: "AD GLORIUM ET PORCOS" which means "to glory through bacon."
Here's Davy wearing it to school over a Minecraft Tshirt. I told him "don't take orders from the other kids." But you know he came home with 3 orders already!!
I think all this cold weather had inspired me to do some quilting. I have all of my "could pass for Civil War period" fabrics in the wash right now and I think I'm going to make a snowball quilt to use during re-enactments. I am still waiting for an order from PBJK to start Andy's Easter outfit, but I still have plenty of time!


Joy Candrian said...

That looks super professional!

Sissy said...

Minecraft University... holy moly my son would love one of those! Let me know if you every decide to sell or share your digitized design! Love it!

Sissy said...

Love the Minecraft University embroidery. My son would love it too! Let me know if you ever decide to sell it or share it! It is awesome!