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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine T-shirt for Andy!

When I saw this cute design at Embroitique, I knew I wanted to stitch it on a shirt for Andy. I love how machine embroidery makes it so quick and easy to make a special outfit for holidays.
I started with a $3 red t-shirt from Walmart. I love their plain Garanimals for embellishing. They are soft and inexpensive.
I was a little disappointed with a bit of white bobbin thread showing on the brown words, but I think it was just a heavy design for a knit. I did stabilize it thoroughly with a crisp tear-away stabilizer on the back and a WSS on the top.
After washing, I fuse this soft mesh stabilizer to the back to make it comfy. I love this stuff!! I'm hoping to start on Easter outfits next. My theme is spring green and brown this year.

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