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Monday, January 20, 2014

One of a Kind Cupcake LOGO

I digitized a business logo this week! Wait, it's not what you're thinking. This logo is for a virtual business my daughter and her friend started for their high school economics course! What a fun project! They had to make a business plan, presentation, and "props" for their mid-year exam. The girls had fun with this, choosing to run a cupcake bakery. They are working on some sample cupcakes and cake pops to hand out, too. I bet theirs is the favorite presentation!!
My part in all of this was to digitize and stitch the logo my daughter designed, here:
And here's my stitched version. I really had fun doing this and learned some new digitizing techniques in Embird. I used column-fill for the gray lines on the cupcake papers and I used a feathered-line for the detail lines on the frosting. I moved the company name underneath the cupcakes to make it more rectangular. This was stitched in the 4x4 hoop with about 15000 stitches, EACH.
I say each, because I had to make 2 shirts. Thank goodness they were working in a small group!! My daughter was thrilled with the results and I hope it helps them get an A+!!

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L. Ferguson said...

This is a darling design, Lisa. Your daughter was probably the only student who came up with an embroidered logo for her faux business. ME can do that for you--put something over the top. Love this!